Data Recovery Atlanta

Bytes Back Data Recovery Services, Inc
We understand how important your data is to you. From the moment we receive your media, we follow a strict set of procedures that are designed to maintain the maximum chance for successful recovery of your data, no matter what the situation. We specialize in hard drive data recovery but we also provide data recovery services for all types of media failure and data loss situations.
Location : Duluth, GA
Phone : (770) 497-1409

Data Doctors
When it comes to data recovery, you want someone you can trust. We perform data recovery on every type of device and for every type of user imaginable. You want your data recovery project treated with care and want a professional you can trust. That's why our customers continue to use and recommend our data recovery services time and time again. We have been performing data recovery miracles since 1988, and consistently rank #1 for customer service. Our data recovery technicians are the experts!
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 467-1721

1st Data Recovery
We recover data files from dead, deleted, formatted, fdisked, corrupted, virus infected, overwritten, passworded, water & fire damaged, downed or inaccessible computer & electronics storage devices: hard disk drives, removable media, optical devices, and tapes.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (770) 872-4025

Data Savers, LLC
Data Savers, LLC of Atlanta, GA is a leader in the low cost hard drive data recovery. We use a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary tools to maximize our success rates. Whether you've lost critical business data or invaluable family pictures, Data Savers, LLC can help to recover your important information quickly and affordably.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (770) 939-9363

Renovo Data, Inc
Renovo Data, Inc is one of the leading disaster recovery and remote back up service providers in the United States. In 1997 we began as a professional services firm specializing in high availability storage solutions for the financial industry. Although our services have expanded to help a variety of clients, Renovo Data continues to strictly focus on providing real time backups over a secure network.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 935-6363

PROBE Data Solutions
PROBE Data Solutions offers an array of solutions to meet all of your business needs from network security to protect your Information, network and systems, to mail servers and backup tools. Our subject matter experts conduct thorough market research followed by extensive testing and assessments to provide you with the most superior and cost effective IT products on the market today. PROBE specializes in salvaging your valuable information from damaged, or inaccessible media, be it a hard drive, CD/DVD, or another electronic storage device.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (770) 783-5202

Quick Tech Professionals
We are the alternative to the independent computer repair technician for small businesses and homes. Quick Tech Professionals provides small businesses and in-home users with continuous technical support, emergency computer repair services, computer networking, installation, and support, computer installation and support, hardware and software installation, upgrade, and support, data recovery, data backup, database, VOIP, and technical training.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (770) 236-8916

ADR Data Recovery
ADR Data Recovery provides expert data recovery and computer forensics services for businesses and organizations. ADR Data Recovery (formerly American Data Recovery, Inc.) was founded in 1995. ADR provides data recovery and computer forensics solutions, using our proprietary procedures and leading edge technologies. We specialize in data recovery for hard disk drives, RAID, servers, NAS, SAN, and tapes. Our extensive data recovery and digital forensics success stories span the following domains and scenarios: Storage device mechanical failure (hard drive crash, firmware failure, etc.), Accidental file deletion or reformatting, Multiple RAID drive failures, Viruses, trojan horses, Power surges, Natural disasters, Fire, Water damage, Malicious intent, Security breaches, Internal IT/IS system investigations, Litigation support, expert witness testimony.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 962-4414

eMag Solutions
eMag Solutions is an international organization providing proactive and reactive data management solutions for litigation, regulatory, and compliance matters that: Dramatically Reduce Cost, Improve Accuracy, and Accelerate Turnaround. eMag can process live data and legacy media onto a single unified platform to facilitate E-Discovery or enterprise content management activities. Data services include conversion, recovery, migration, 9-track retirement, distribution, enterprise content management (ECM), collateralized debt obligation (CDO), and departing employee data capture program.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 995-6060

CBL Data Recovery
CBL Data Recovery, a leading provider of expert data recovery services, has a facility located in Atlanta, Georgia to better serve customers in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah and all of greater Georgia! Our data recovery service in Atlanta has the experience, expertise, and capability to recover lost data whether the data loss is the result of mechanical or electrical failure, virus activity, system malfunctions, human error, water, fire or smoke damage, or file corruption. Depending on the severity of your data loss, when there is no damage to your hardware or computer system you can also try our do-it-yourself data recovery software.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (800) 551-3917

Ontrack Data Recovery
Ontrack Data Recovery is the world leader in data recovery services and data recovery software offering the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective solutions to clients who have experienced data loss. Every day, more businesses and consumers choose Ontrack Data Recovery over other data recovery service providers. Services include: Hard Drive Recovery, Laptop Recovery, Desktop Recovery, Server Recovery, RAID Recovery, Oracle® Recovery,Tape Recovery, Email Recovery, File Recovery, Digital Photo Recovery, Mobile Device Recovery, and VMware® Recovery.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 875-4181